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Narrative Connections:

Sarah Atkinson Counselling

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My Story

A narrative approach to counselling

I am an accredited professional through Australian Association of Social Workers (AASW) and I offer private online counselling services (which can be subsidised through Medicare if you live in a remote part of Australia) and supervision. After graduating with a Masters of Social Work from the University of Western Australia in 2014 I worked in the Public Mental Health System in South Australia both in crisis support and long-term care.

I have a strong interest in trauma and the impacts it can have on people’s lives. I am interested in how to develop stories of people’s own know-how about their mental health in a way that builds personal agency in life.


I have a background in Narrative Practices and have followed this interest through courses, workshops, conferences and conversations in Chile, Mexico, Brazil, Canada, London, Finland, Denmark, Spain and Australia.


I have collaborated with Maggie Carey and Rob Hall from Narrative Practices Adelaide developing and running two workshops. These were: Narrative therapy & Neurobiology in Responding to Trauma (Feb 2018); and Narrative Approaches to Supervision - Creating Spaces to Re-invigorate Professional Identity (Sept 2018).


I also worked as a Narrative Therapist at Glenside Hospital, alongside Chris Dolman, with Country Health SA, delivering the service (via tele-link) to people living rurally and remotely in the state. My interest and commitment to online counselling arose from this work. I believe people should be able to access therapy wherever they live and be subsidised in rural and remote parts of Australia.


Since 2016, I have also been involved with the Maastricht Approach to working with people who hear voices, alongside friend and collaborator Matt Ball (Humane Clinic). We co-facilitated a number of Hearing Voices two-day training workshops (2017, 2018). The Open Dialogue practices, which have emerged from Finland, have been central to my work in responding to distress. Of particular interest to me is the transparency and accountability which is encompassed in this approach. 

From 2019-2023 my partner and I  have been living in remote Arnhem Land (where we welcomed our little girl too!), learning from and with Yolŋu people on Yolŋu land. This is where I have commenced my independent online counselling/supervision service. In August 2023 we welcomed our son and have since relocated to SA. Unfortunately I am not currently taking referrals but please do email me for recommendations of other therapists offering a similar service. 


I am alert and attuned to the individual experience of the people I meet and their unique set of circumstances.

 I always look forward to navigating, traversing, exploring all the stories that come to these sessions and I am looking forward to when I have time to meet with people again. 

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Narrative Approach to Counselling

Creating connections through your stories

One on One counseling (online only)

I offer online counselling only.


I have worked with young people and older people, people of refugee/migrant backgrounds, Indigenous Australians, people hearing voices or other alternate states (often labelled as psychosis), anxiety, depression, grief, hopelessness, people who have experienced trauma in their lives, sexual abuse, relationship issues, workplace issues, drug and alcohol issues, chronic illness, effects of domestic violence amoung others.


If you live in a remote/rural part of Australia the sessions can be subsidised through Medicare with a Mental Health Care Plan from your GP.

To find out more about these areas please take this link: (fill in your address, the year and search) if  the number that is generated is between 4 and 7 we can go through with sessions through a GP referral (MBS code: 80161). If you are not in these areas the counselling is not covered by Medicare.

Due to the vast effects of COVID 19 Medicare also offer a subsidy for people seeking support around these issues at the moment. Please see your GP to ask for a Mental Health Care Plan with COVID MBS code: 91176.

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Cost and Set up

- $120 for one hour pre-Medicare rebate (i.e. with mental health plan from GP – living in area classified rural/remote)

- $100 for one hour if without Medicare rebate (this can be negotiable depending on circumstances).


Please email ( for more information/discussion re: pricing


I will send an invoice for it to be paid by EFT (bank transfer) and then send you a receipt. If claiming the rebate take that receipt to Medicare.

It is important to have:

- Skype/zoom on your computer

- Good quality internet connection

- A quiet and confidential place to meet for the appointment time

- Confirmation of time (I am in Australian Central Standard Time - ACST)

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I offer supervision to social workers or practitioners which is a tax deduction. I can also offer this in a consultancy role to organisations. 

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..."we must multiply the possibilities of comings and goings..."

Michel Foucault

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While in Ramingining I had some funding from the NTPHN to do some social work. Part of the project I undertook was to develop some social and emotional workbooks which we started doing at the local school. I connected with local women to help develop these further and tasmanian illustrator Josh Santospirito - here they are (I also have them in Yolngu Matha). Let me know if they are useful!


Schedule a Time to Meet

Please send me an email if you are interested in meeting.

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